Perth Amboy Artworks Stay Home Fest Sat July 11

Perth Amboy Artworks Stay Home Fest Saturday July 11th from 5pm-7:30pm will stream 7 artists performances on the Perth Amboy Artworks facebook page. Featured artists include Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen, Mikey Erg, Exmaid, Shannon Perez of Erotic Novels, Luke Henderiks of Teenage Halloween, Catbite- feauting Brittany Luna of Perth Amboy, NJ, and Nikki Nailbomb.

Featured artists

Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen– The tri-state area premiere punk rocker, legend and talent who’s been touring, writing and painting since 1983. Originally Philadelphia punks, they’ve won the world’s hearts with the chart topping anthem, Punk Rock Girl. 

Mikey Erg, Jersey’s own, true, punk rock legend. He’s a songwriter and drummer of the very successful kings of pop punk, The Ergs. They’ve gone on to perform in countless bands, do countless tours all over the world and have a very successful solo career. 

Exmaid – Another Jersey treasure, featuring artist, drummer, reiki therapist and mom, Miranda Taylor. Originally the drummer of Hunchback, they’ve gone on to be an influential songwriter and member in bands such as Black Wine and Noun. Exmaid is psychedelic rock of the pop persuasion. 

Catbite– featuring Brittany Luna of Perth Amboy, NJ. They are the tri-state, premiere ska band. They have been touring the world, putting out records and are now doing quarantine shows on the most professional level. Technically bringing all members in for actual full band shows in a livestreaming format, they are paving the way for bands stuck in quarantine. 

Erotic Novels- A Perth Amboy native and artist since the 90’s, they owned and helped curate events at the now defunct Curmudgeon Records from 1994-2011. A promoter and true punk, they started in the band Don Juan Destroyer out of Perth Amboy in 1997.

Luke Henderiks – Jersey punk from down the shore, they’ve been writing, touring and performing since their teens. Now 22, they were recently signed to Don Giovanni records. They have been curating shows and working with other bands such as Kissies, Magic Ghrelin and filling in for so many other bands. Truly groundbreaking, queer activist, they are an inspiration to many.

Nikki Nailbomb– New Jersey native from the Trenton area, doing their own style of ska/punk /rock/metal all over the world. A member of Molly Rhythm, The Amorphous Blob, curater of asthenosphest and bar manager of Champs, they are one of the busiest people working in the business we call show. A writer, teacher and performer, they do it all with ease. 

Grant funding has been provided by the Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders through a grant award from the Middlesex County Cultural and Arts Trust Fund.